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 An Experienced, Conservative Leader 

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 Find out more about my background, the issues, our campaign, endorsements, and more below. 

 Gazette Voter's Guide 

 Read my answers to the Gazette Voter's Guide vs my opponent's answers at the link below. 

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Protect Parental Rights, School Choice,
& Charter Schools

Below is my speech given before the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners on May 14th, 2024, for National Charter School Week. Parental Rights, School Choice, and Charter Schools are under attack by the legislature. We can't get complacent. 

Special Announcement

Please watch the video below for my announcement and candidacy for Colorado's House District 20.

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You have a Choice this Tuesday

House District 20,

Election Day is this Tuesday, and you have a choice.

Your choice is between someone who has proven, conservative leadership experience and someone who doesn’t.  


Our campaign is endorsed by El Paso County Sheriff Joe Roybal because he knows that my criminal justice background while in the Air Force JAG Corps means I’ll be tough on crime and get victims the justice they deserve. We’ll work together to address the illegal immigration problem and the fentanyl crisis negatively impacting our state.


I’m endorsed by the Colorado State Shooting Association because of my strong stance on the Second Amendment and the work I’ve done with them at the State Capitol in support of our gun rights.


I’ve also been endorsed by our former House Representative Tim Geitner. I worked for Representative Geitner and our district at the State Capitol, so I have that experience of fighting on behalf of our district already.


I’m endorsed by multiple school board presidents and currently serve as a charter school board member where I’ve testified at the State Capitol against anti-parental rights legislation and work every day to protect school choice for our kids.


As I’ve said before, we are taxed, fee’d, and regulated to death. That’s why the Colorado Chamber of Commerce has endorsed my campaign. They understand I want to make Colorado more affordable for us, not less.


I’m a father of two boys. I served alongside our House Republicans and stood for the Right to Life when Democrats passed the most radical, pro-abortion, anti-life legislation in the country. I will always fight for our most vulnerable. Babies in the womb are a life with potential, NOT a potential life.


You have a choice this Tuesday. Someone who has a proven, conservative record of fighting for our community, or someone who doesn’t. I ask that you choose Jarvis Caldwell for House District 20.


Thank you & God Bless,


Colorado is at a Crossroads.

What we do now will determine whether we continue down the path of self-destruction or save it for future generations.

Paid for by Elect Jarvis Caldwell. 
Registered Agent: Jarvis Caldwell

©️ 2024 by Jarvis Caldwell

Stay Informed!

Thank you!

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