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HB24-1039 Testimony

I testified before the House Education Committee against the ridiculous “Student Name-Change” bill brought forth by radical-leftist Stephanie Vigil. It’s an egregious infringement on the rights us parents have over our children. Unfortunately, the Governor signed it into law recently. That doesn't mean we stop fighting!

door knocking.jpg

Door-Knocking around HD20

My boys and I have been all over House District 20 speaking directly to you, the voters and constituents of HD20. Here, we were in Falcon in February during one of the weekends where it was a near blizzard.


My children are the reason I do what I do. It’s their future that worries me and keeps me up at night. I know many of you feel the same. They deserve to have us fight for them until we no longer can. That’s what I’ve always done and will continue to do.

2024 Walk for Life

I was proud to participate in the 2024 Walk for Life at Memorial Park on June 1st. It was an amazing turnout from our community, with at least a thousand or more people there supporting and raising awareness for our most vulnerable. We must always work to protect our unborn. A baby in the womb is a life with potential, NOT a potential life.

Walk for Life.jpg

Protecting our Kids

I’m proud to serve on a charter school board where we put the safety of our children as a top priority. After sending select, volunteer staff members through a very rigorous training program, we’ve officially implemented our safety policy. This is a photo of me standing next to our new sign that warns any would-be bad guys that our staff are armed and able to defend our children. Every school in this state should have armed security, but unfortunately, many don’t due to funding restraints or just radical school board members. That needs to change. 

Monument Academy’s
Annual Gala

I was honored to attend Monument Academy’s annual gala that raises money to help their students and teachers fund projects and other activities they do throughout the year. Board President Ryan Graham has done an amazing job, and I’m honored to have his endorsement for my campaign.

Monument Academy Gala.jpg
CYR 4.jpeg

Colorado Federation of Young Republicans

It was an honor to attend and speak at the CFYR’s annual Roosevelt Reagan Kickback recently.


If the Republican Party is going to have a future, we need the younger generations stepping up and getting involved like never before. I’m honored to be a member and support their efforts any way I can.

Parent Advocacy
for our Kids

I've spoken multiple times to our parent advocacy groups around the district. Giving parents legislative updates on what is happening at our State Capitol is important so that we can stay informed on how our schools will be affected. The state laws passed in the legislature have been horrific and they tie the hands of our school boards and charter schools. I will never stop fighting on behalf of parents, children, and teachers who are under attack with these new radical laws from our legislature.

Charter School Week 1.jpg

Protecting Parental Rights, School Choice, & Charter Schools

I spoke before the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners on May 14, 2024, for National Charter School Week. I wanted to highlight to the Commissioners, audience, and anyone listening that there is a war right now on all 3 issues at the state legislature. We cannot be complacent and have to continue fighting. Our children deserve nothing less.

Turning in our Petitions

This is the morning my sons and I delivered over 2,100 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to get on the ballot. That’s more than double the 1,000 we needed! My boys and I walked every weekend for months to gather as many as we could. Thank you to all of you who signed for me and gave me your confidence, encouragement, and prayers.

petition turn in.jpg
EPC Young Republicans cropped.jpg

El Paso County
Young Republicans Launch Party

I was honored to be invited and speak at the official launch party of the newly-chartered

El Paso County Young Republicans. These young Republicans have amazing things in store, including hosting the first CD5 debate. They’re doing amazing work in such a short time to expand our party to younger generations.

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