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About Jarvis

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Life of
Public Service

I've spent my entire adult life serving my nation, state, and community.  Shortly after high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and began what eventually would be an amazing 10 years of service.  My first six years were spent as an avionics technician primarily on F-15 Strike Eagles and the U-2 Reconnaissance aircraft.  I served everywhere from England to Korea to Afghanistan and Italy.  I would later switch careers to the Air Force JAG Corps where I studied law and worked on many high-profile courts-martial cases in and around the Washington, D.C. area.

When I separated from the Air Force, I started a new chapter in public service at the local and state level in Colorado.  I've served as a Bonus Member on the Executive Committee for the El Paso County Republican Party.  In 2021, I was appointed as a Director on the board of directors for an SD20 charter school, where I am now the vice chair.  I would later become the legislative aide for former state representative and Assistant Minority Leader, Tim Geitner.  In the fall of 2022, I became the communications director for the Republicans in the House of Representatives where I fought alongside our current Republican representatives against the radical agendas being forced on all Coloradans at the state level.  It's my humble request that you help me continue that fight as your District 20 state representative.




Family is everything to me.  It's why I fight the way I do.  I try every day to instill the values in my two sons, Jaxon & Colton, that my parents instilled in me when I was a boy.  Hard work, discipline, compassion, and love of God and country are pillars of my parenting, just as it is for many of you.  I was raised to believe that America is the greatest and freest country to ever exist, and that it's the duty of every citizen to pass those values down to the next generation.  Unfortunately, when I speak to younger generations today, I sense they've lost - or perhaps never believed - that the American Dream is real and achievable.  It is still a reality, but it's not guaranteed.  If we don't fight to restore that belief, we may lose it forever.

My wife, Anne, and I have been happily married for 11 years.  Originally from the Philippines, she honorably served the United States Air Force for over 22 years and is a veteran of the Iraq war.  I couldn't have asked God for a better wife and mother to our boys.  Together, we work to raise young men that will continue a legacy and life of values that Anne and I were both raised with.  



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Conservative Values

Time​s could be tough growing up with two working-class parents. My parents instilled in me that nothing is free, and everything is earned. From the time I was old enough to carry my own weight, I was spending weekends and summer breaks shingling roofs, building swimming pools, fixing cars, remodeling houses, mowing lawns, among many other odd and end jobs my dad would take on. I understood the value of a dollar earned and credit it with my fiscal conservatism and work ethic today.

Along with the value of hard work, my parents instilled in me traditional American values we must preserve for future generations. America is the Land of Opportunity, and the American Dream is achievable if you're willing to work for it. God is real and Jesus is our savior. Free speech is fundamental to a free society. The Second Amendment is what protects all of our other rights. Soft-on-crime policies only incentivize criminals to continue their ways, and the honest citizen suffers for it. And, the government has nothing it doesn't take from those who've earned it.

As your representative for HD20, my principles are non-negotiable. I will ALWAYS stand for what is right and choose the path of less government intrusion into our lives and more liberty for We the People.

Disclaimer: The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute DOD endorsement.

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